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EDiS Activies and Expert Groups

Supplier Relations Management

Our goal as European Industrial Distributors is to improve customer relations. Through bench-marking and closely following industrial trends we are able to compile and distribute reports to our EDiS members European Industrial suppliers.

Expert Groups

4 EU Industrial Equipment Distributors expert groups:
metal hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses and safety products

1 YEF: young executive expert group


Cooperation between EU Industrial Equipment Distributors is our advantage:

we work together within the Management Board and the Expert Groups as in a company and benefit from this comprehensive cooperation.

Joint purchasing

Joint purchasing of technical products makes us strong.

European Suppliers Evaluations

The decentralised supplier evaluation simplifies work for all EDiS members.

Seminars and Trainings

We offer seminars and trainings for our expert groups on a regular basis.

About EDiS & European Industrial Distributors & Suppliers


With our recognized European leadership in the distribution of industrial supplies and technology innovation, we deliver commercial advantage to our partners.

EDiS is a group of 10 European industrial supply distributors and European suppliers, sharing knowledge about different markets to synergize and learn from each other. Our team is built out of open-minded experts, who are qualified and aware of the importance to keep up with advances, market requirements, and methods. These are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding. 

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Meet our European Industrial Equipment Distributors Members

The group, established and lead by EDiS (European Distributors of Industrial Supplies ), prepares and frequently keeps members up to date, consequently making them the ideal partners for their customers. Our members are located in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. We are always looking for distributors for industrial supplies to join our network.

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies Organisation

Our Goals

EDIS (European Distributors of Industrial Supplies )is a leading European distributor network, which though our distributors operating separately in their own markets, they are sharing their knowledge for even better performance, accompanied by common purchasing activities around the world. The core product range is industrial and hydraulic hoses and couplings as well as fluid handling systems.

The market

The aims of EDiS - European Distributor of industrial Supplies- are to know each market to interprete their specific requirements, to anticipate the customers necessities thanks to the exchange of partners and updating of products. Such aims are reached through a continuous monitoring, made by its industrial supplies distributor network, about the evolution of customers necessities in the different markets. The growth of Eu Distributors group members will gradually cover all Europe and each member will operate in his own area.
Our group of European Distributor of industrial Supplies focus on common purchasing and are always looking for new industrial suppliers worldwide to enlarge our European Industrial distributor network.

Please fill out our application form if you want to complete our European supplier base.

The products

Technical articles, hoses and couplings, rubber and plastic materials, safety products: A large variety of supplies characterised by quality and competitive prices. The EDiS products are a safe investment owing to the continuous research of the best supplying sources, the constant selection of the innovative proposals the presence of warehouses in various European countries and a deep distribution of products are two other main points in the EDiS cooperation.

The people

A team of open minded experts, well trained and aware of how important it is to keep up with changes, requirements of markets and uses who are more and more sophisticated and demanding. The forming of such men is followed by EDiS which prepares them and constantly keeps them up to date to make them the ideal partners of their own customers.

EDiS- European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Succes Stories

Presidentsletter 2022 - Staffan Johansson Lundgrens

President´s letter

After the vaccine roll out the year started positive, both private and business wise. Vacation trips, parties, face to face meetings, new hirings and strong demand for our products made life easy.

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S&K Group A/S - Happy New Year

S&K Group A/S – Happy New Year 2022

2021 has been a challenging year, but despite a year of changes and new opportunities. The hydraulic department, the largest department in Sørensen & Kofoed A/S, has expanded with more than 50% of our employees the past year, new machines and optimization at the office and the production. We have also started a new Kaizen project in collaboration with one of our customers and look forward to harvesting the fruit of this partnership yet again. We at SKG wish all the members of EDiS and their families a prosperous 2022 and hope you will all stay healthy and safe in this uncertain time the pandemic brings. “We are looking forward to another great year at S&K Group and wish both our customers and suppliers a happy new year.” – Flemming Søeborg Sørensen, owner of S&K Group.

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