EDiS – Ahead in Industrial Distribution for 25 years

EDiS, Europe’s leading distributors of industrial supplies, operate not only in the European market, but worldwide. Since 1991, the companies have been working closely together to shape the markets. In 2017, the European community of distributors of industrial supplies celebrated its 25th anniversary. EDiS is an association of ten distributors in Europe specializing in industrial and hydraulic hoses, rubber sheets and personal protection equipment.

The EDiS partners attach great importance to a perfect and individual processing service. Various expert groups meet regularly to exchange information about new products and industry trends. The result is a transnational community that discusses market requirements and develops solutions together. The EDiS management ensures international exchange and European activities. Europe has been vital in EDiS for more than 25 years. Since its founding, all EDiS partners have shared a common goal: to network the markets and their players on our continent and to create a successful cooperation that transcends economic and cultural boundaries.

Thanks to the EDiS network, the partners benefit from each other’s experience, strategy optimization and purchasing power. The EDiS community is proud to be a key player in European industry, delivering its products and services to an ever-growing number of customers in Europe and around the world, without which a successful economy would be unimaginable. EDiS – leader in European technical trade for more than 25 years.