President’s letter 2016

Robert Bloemers - EDiS president 2016/17

Dear EDiS Friends, 

As usual at the end of a year and on the threshold to the new year, we look backwards into 2015 and onwards to the threats and possibilities for 2016.

Looking backwards it is my privilege to thank the past president Karol Semba for his 3 year (!) period of presidency in which Karol did give the role of president a new statue.This change is an obligation for the following presidents, including myself!

The way Karol Semba implemented the digital world in all his contacts towards the EDiS members has been an example to all of us!

After the good year 2014 most of the EDiS members have suffered in 2015 loss of business in the offshore industry. Due to the development of the oil price this stress-situation will not change in 2016. Downstream business should restore some of the lost business. LNG does give us increasing chances in the near future.

The general industrial turnover after the European recession is recovering well and gives us a trust in short term business. Benchmarking between the EDiS members gives all of us the benefit of knowledge sharing within EDiS.

Our Young Executive Meetings in 2015 give us the feeling that focusing on the upcoming generation ensures the future of the EDiS organization.
The numerous Expert Groups within EDiS have their fast share in the EDiS success.

2016 will be as challenging and exciting for the EDiS organization as it has been in the last years. Let’s make it extra challenging to give EDiS’ 25th anniversary an extra boost!

I extend my best wishes to all of you, wishing you good health and success to all participants in the EDiS Group.

With kind regards,

Robert Bloemers
EDiS President

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