44th EDiS Manager Meeting near Verona

The 44th EDiS Manager Meeting, which took place in Lazise, near Verona, was organized by Cenigomma s.r.l. – Arroweld Group, during last June 15th and 16th. Each partner of the Group was represented in the meeting by the top management. In the splendid setting of Garda Lake, we debated about the most current events of economy. We talked about sales trends in each country with a particular view of the situation in Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland. We debated on current and foreseeable market analysis, paying attention to development of source of procurement, technical and commercial development, with reference to products sold in each country. Erik Jolberg, who is the President in office, well represented the European and extra European market trend. Concerning this point, Mirco Gasparotto, President of the Italian Arroweld Group, well delineated the financial and widespread difficulties between companies and banks. These ones are currently in the middle of international economic and financial status. Each manager illustrated in details the results achieved in 2011 and the forecast for the year 2012 sharing these information by each product channel and application. All companies, members of EDiS Group, work in a diversified and wide context in which they meet different situations in all European countries. Belonging to the EDiS group in these different contexts is a great opportunity and resource. This is valid for innovative and alternative ideas and products. EDiS group is most of all a strong point that allows to draw on several experiences in technical, logistic and cultural field and the result is that all companies are well prepared to face up in a competitive and ever changing market.

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