50 years with strong EDiS roots

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

TESS became a member of EDIS in 1993. We experience lots of knowledge from EDIS through yearly management meetings and workshops, especially on hoses.

Hose Management is the newest concept from TESS, and beside a support team in Norway, they have a crew travelling worldwide to support their advanced program. Everything led by a former colonel. TESS even do fully integrated E-commerce solutions for selected customers, Statoil being the biggest, processing more than 60.000 transactions fully automated every year. 

The future for TESS looks great with increasing oil prices. The market in Norway consists of eight importers/wholesalers, but nobody with a distribution network like TESS who has more than 110 local service centres. TESS saw the challenges in the oil industry and changed focus to include aqua culture, construction and public investments, still maintaining capacity and competence for oil & gas. It was a success and today the focus is on LEAN management, increased uptime and profit for the customers and even getting more knowledge from EDIS.

TESS International operations have suffered from the oil price especially in Brazil and Singapore, but with focus on Hose Management and extra service, the footprints are maintained and increasing In Houston / Deer Park and the oil refineries are now among the most important customers.

Facts about TESS
TESS is a Norwegian-owned supplier of hoses, services and products for maintenance, repair and operation.  The core products are hoses and hose fittings for all purposes, along with a broad range of associated service.  In addition, TESS is leading within the areas of welding machines and materials, cleaning machines, personal protective equipment, tools etc. Around the company’s core products.  TESS has a dedicated central technical division and for service more than 110 locations in Norway, as well as in Denmark, Scotland, Brazil, USA and Singapore. More than 900 employees.

Quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.  HSE in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

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