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Hoses are used to transport gases, liquids and solids in a wide range of industries. That hose serves as the vital link in the production process. A defective hose means downtime, which can have a direct impact on the production process. Time when production is not in progress can mean the difference between profit and loss. In order to reduce downtime and therefore loss, ­Imbema Cleton, together with its customers, has developed the Imbema Hose Care Program or “IHCP” for short.

So many factors to be taken into account 
When using hoses and couplings within your company, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account:
• Is the hose suitable for the application?
• Has the hose been installed correctly?
• Does the hose meet all the relevant (safety) standards?
• Has the hose been tested and certified?
• Does the hose need to be replaced?
• Do I need to keep spare hoses in stock myself?
• Where is the best place to purchase the hose?
• Where can I get the best advice?

Service that saves you time and money
The service that we provide doesn’t stop after your hose has been delivered. With IHCP, we go a lot further than that. Interested in finding out how our service can save you considerable time and money?
• Mapping, identification and marking on site of all the hoses within your company.
• Recording of all hoses in a secure database.
• Reliable testing and certification of hoses. Direct advice in the event of rejection.
• Periodic inspections and where necessary maintenance on site by our experts.
• Tailor-made hose assemblies: our experts take measurements on site.
• Honest and expert advice.

Hoses recorded in a database
With IHCP, we will record all your hoses in a database. We keep a record of the following details for each individual hose within your company:
• Hose details: ID no., make, type, length, diameter, couplings, any special treatments and test certificates.
• Location: where the hose is installed within the company ­(department number, plant number, etc.).
• Photograph: after it has been installed, each hose will be photographed by our expert and added to the database.
• Process data (application): type of medium, pressure, temperature, etc.
• Dates and time: date of installation, inspection, maintenance, testing, certification, etc.
• Purchase details: your own product codes, purchase dates, prices, etc.

Quick and reliable insight
IHCP gives you quick and reliable insight. All the relevant information relating to your hoses is stored securely in one place. The recording of details and creation of a history for each hose gives you insight into the service life and frequency of replacement of your hoses. You can order complete hose assemblies from us quickly and easily using your own product code. Tested and certified if required.

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