A muscle-man with brains

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REIFF Technische Produkte received a complex task from
Putzmeister Concrete Pumps – a leading manufacturer of
pumps. This was the development of a squeeze valve made of
non-metallic material to interrupt the flow of concrete in a
delivery hose. The result is a true “muscle-man with brains”. The squeeze
valve ensures that concrete spills and dribbling have become
things of the past. When the flow of concrete is stopped it is
with so much force that there are no further drips. In addition,
the assembly costs are low as the valve can be simply fastened
to the concrete pump of the vehicle using carabiner clips. Metallic parts are not included so that the risk of injury is significantly reduced compared to conventional valves.
REIFF developed and fitted the valve with the corresponding connections. These are the ones normally used by Putzmeister Concrete Pumps.
The hose end closure valve in overview:
• Same valve for DN 125 and DN 100 sized hoses
• Simple and robust
• Closes securely using pneumatic pressure
• Can be flexibly positioned on the hose
• No metal parts – minimises the risk of injury
• Can simply replace the existing valves
• Internal diameter 180 mm, i.e. can be pulled under the boot
at the tip of the mast 

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