Cenigomma – part of Arroweld network

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies







• Technologies of welding and cutting with exclusivity of
worldwide prestigious brands in the country
• Pre- and post-sales service and application solutions with
well-advanced knowledge
• Tools with a wide range of items produced, they are aimed
in particular at the needs of industry
• Measuring systems and Control in the forefront, with adjustment
service, calibration and assistance

• Strategic warehouse of 18,000 sqm
• It works in the retail channel
• Exclusive distributor for Italy of EDiS brand
• Rubber and technical items for various industrial purpose
• Technical workwear, safety products and PPE
• Garden
• Agriculture
• Products for the construction industry

• Direct sale to the end user
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Advice
• Industrial supplies of various types
• All major industry brands available in stock
• It provides the largest steel mills in the country

• Historical Company in the world of welding
• Market leader for over 38 years
• A technical and commercial structure able to provide the
market with quality and unique service
• Thanks to the union with Arroweld, Guidetti Technology can
provide to the entire market the full potential of Arroweld
Group in terms of range of products, pre- and post-sales

• Long-term experience in processing of precision plastic
items, both in the catalogue and on specific customer design
• Technical solutions
• It has all the production equipment required for each type
of work in design: from the plate and the raw bar perform
processing to the finished product. This means producing in
quality,with maximum flexibility

Politecnica CETAI
• The Company is the synthesis of two of the oldest and most
established reality in the world of semi-finished and finished
parts in the production of engineering plastics
• The local presence with three offices areas and the fullness
and variety of materials in stock, surely make it the more
efficient reality in the specialized distribution
• A computer system evolved, innovative logistics and growth
in corporate culture are the imperatives that Politecnica
Cetai has given itself to establish further the company on the

• Plant in Romania with 200 employees. The plant covers an
area of about 7,500 square meters and is placed inside a
major industrial area
• The production plants are of the latest generation and technologically
advanced with high production quality in order
to produce individual devices of high technological content
• Planning
• Logistics

ST Protect
• St Protect is over forty years market leader in the field of
personal security and special clothing
• At customer’s disposal its technical capabilities and design
in order to solve specific problems making personal protective
• Among its customers there are the most important administrations:
the Armed Forces, Civil Defence, Police, Ministries
of the Environment, Railways, Post, Electrical power companies,
Municipal large corporations, Airports, Management
service of motorways