EDiS celebrates 25 years of engagement

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies EDiS anniversary film

EDiS, the European traders cooperation, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. Thus, EDiS stands for 25 years of successful operations in Europe. The organisation was founded in 1991 and consisted of four technical dealers: Cenigomma (Italy), Discap (France), Haberkorn (Austria) and Reiff Technische Produkte (Reiff Technical Products, Germany). The founding members only had a rough idea of the cooperation at the start. They were bound together with the desire to be able to offer a uniform service to customers across Europe, to exchange knowledge concerning purchasing and to be able to mutually benefit from each other. Today, there are ten dealers from nine European countries that make up EDiS – the “European Distributors of industrial Supplies”.
Robert Bloemers, Imbema Groep/Netherlands, is the current president of EDiS. He said: “I am proud that I am able to accompany EDiS in this very special year as its president. Most EDiS partners are based with major challenges thanks to the low price of oil and the development in the offshore sector. Together we are strong and can develop successful strategies for the future as a team.”

Hubert Reiff, Reiff Technische Produkte/Germany is a founding member and was the first president of EDiS. He reflects: “EDiS is a true success story. The exchange of information between technical dealers from all over Europe at the most varied levels – from the management down to junior managers and into the specialist groups – is beneficial to all the partners in EDiS.”
There are over 100 people from all ten EDiS partners who work together regularly across the boarders. Together, we are able to win new procurement markets, visit suppliers, learn from “Best Practices” from the other partners and swap product and application knowledge amongst ourselves.

Expert groups ensure a lead in knowledge

Be it workplace safety, sealing technology or hose systems – a total of five expert groups from the EDiS partner companies work together closely. The teams meet regularly to exchange ideas and present country-specific and general trends which result from the work with their customers. In this way, the often young employees do not just get a broader view, but also improve their knowledge of English and experience much about different European cultures as an added bonus. Deals in Italy run quite simply differently to those in Norway. This widens their horizons and creates new insights.

Film for the anniversary

Every country has its own specifics. Every company is different, but even so the EDiS partners form a functional cross-border community which benefits from each other and lives the European ideal. The EDiS film, produced on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, makes this very clear. It also shows that the European companies are very active and are expanding their activities internationally. The companies in the EDiS cooperative are active today in a total of 35 countries worldwide. In just three minutes, you are shown that the European technical dealers have a high level of innovation and deliver to future-oriented industries. The variety of products offered by the EDiS partners shows that, without their products, successful business on rails, in power production, in offshore facilities and in many other branches of industry would be unthinkable. It is worth taking a look at: https://edis.eu/about-edis/our-25th-anniversary/

The EDiS partners

All EDiS partners have their headquarters in a European country. The following companies belong to the cooperative at present:

EDiS will continue to grow and is looking for dedicated technical dealers in other European countries. Interested countries can get in touch via our website, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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