EDiS-hydraulic-expert-meeting at REIFF RTP Reutlingen

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies EDiS management meeting at REIFF Technische Produkte

On the 22nd and 23rd of October

At the this year’s hydraulic-meeting the experts of Tess from Norway, Sorensen & Kofoed from Denmark, Haberkron/Glogar from Austria, Imbema-Cleton from the Netherlands and Belgium as well as the experts of Tubes from Poland met with the responsible staff of REIFF.

At the traditional EDIS-Dinner on Monday evening new members were quickly integrated in the group and everyone had the chance to exchange some information. On Tuesday Mrs. Kuzma from Tubes, coordinator of the hydraulic-experts, professionally presented the facts and figures so that everybody could quickly get an overview about the companies. Later in the morning Mr. Burghardt and Mr. Kloker lead a group of interested members through the logistics centre and the hose workshop F2 in Betzingen.

In the afternoon subjects such as new distributors, products from Asia, how we proceed in the future and the current price- and distributor situation were discussed. At the end of the meeting everyone agreed that interesting and important information and experiences have been exchanged. The next meeting will take place in June 2013 at Tubes in Poland.

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