EDiS Management Meeting 2015

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

EDiS’s 49th Management Meeting took place on 29/30 May 2015 in Copenhagen. It was set up by our partner company, 
S&K Group A/S. A guided tour of the hose assembly company, BS Specialslanger A/S showed the participants the high
standard of hose assembling. They have the widest range in Denmark consisting of the assembly of industrial and hydraulic
hose lines through to the welding of metal hoses and fittings. The management meeting also gave the opportunity to engage
in an intensive dialogue with each other. The programme was very comprehensive and thereby profitable for every EDiS partner. TRELLEBORG, the hose supplier, was welcomed as a guest this year. Its managing director, Patrick Pieret, presented an overview of the corporate group today, its targets for the future and showed how TRELLEBORG would like to support the EDiS partners better in the future. Always ahead in Industrial Distribution 2015 marks the last year of our president, Karol Semba from Tubes International. He handed over the baton for 2016/2017 to Robert Bloemers, the owner of the Dutch partner company, Imbema Group. The whole team wishes Robert Bloemers all the very best for his upcoming term of office.
Karol Semba and his team were recognised for the three excellent years of leadership and guidance. Hans-Ulrich von Tippelskirch from Jäger presented a study entitled “Future of Work”. This was on the various challenges that every EDiS partner will face over the coming few years. In addition, two new “Expert Groups” were created during the meeting: PPE Products and General Welding. Next year marks the 25th anniversary of EDiS – a cooperative group of ten companies from nine EU countries who jointly benefit from an exchange of product and market knowledge and develop joint initiatives. The anniversary meeting will take place on 27/28 May 2016 in Amsterdam.

Karol Semba, Hubert Reiff

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