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European Distributors of Industrial Supplies EDiS network worldwide

In 1991, four technical dealers based in Europe joined together to create EDiS Network– “European Distributors of industrial Suppliers”. The aim of this dealer cooperative, which today consists of ten partners from nine European countries, was to join together their General Management, Product Management, Marketing and Purchasing departments and to operate jointly on the international market. Today the EDiS network has ten headquarters and 58 branches of the EDiS partners alone in Europe and a further 14 branches world-wide. Thanks to this global network, the partners mutually benefit from their experiences, optimised joint strategies and are have more joint purchasing power during procurement exercises than they would have on their own.

EDiS Network Based in Europe – operating world-wide

The EDiS network partners live the European idea and are mutually beneficial to each other. And this at all levels. Control is ensured by the management level of the EDiS partners, while at the operative level, the staff participate in regular expert meetings where they can swap ideas. These meetings cover industrial hoses, metal hoses, hydraulic hoses, rubber plates as well as health and safety and occupational safety products.

This means that all the participants are kept informed about international business and provide support to each other.

The EDiS Network partners

All EDiS partners have their headquarters in Europe. The following companies belong to the cooperative at present:

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