EDiS President´s Letter

Presidentsletter 2022 - Staffan Johansson Lundgrens

Dear Friends,
It is time to summarize 2022. Another year did not turn out as expected, and the abnormal seems to be the new normal. 2022 started promising, financially bouncing back after the Covid years. Many of us started to meet friends and family again and enjoy travels. This was abruptly interrupted by the first war on European soil in over 30 years. I never thought it would happen, and nor did most of the European countries that have been demilitarized for years. The only positive outcome of the war is that Europe has been united in support of Ukraine and that the USA stepped in heavily to support it as well.  

For the moment, the economic forecast for 2023 is pessimistic, forecasting a recession due to rapid inflation driven by a shortage of electricity due to a lack of electric production capacity in central Europe. I personally believe that it will be a very short dip and that Europe will be back on track shortly. The war creates the need for military investments to lift the European economy. The key will be to stay united and continue to support Ukraine and the countries in central Europe that are not self-supplied on electricity.

Continuing to endorse European cooperation is key to a prosperous and peaceful future. That is what EDiS and Europe are all about.

The lesson from 2022 to politicians but also to companies is to hope for the best and plan for the worse.

Wish you all a great 2023!

Staffan Johansson,
President of EDiS and
CEO of Beijer Tech

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