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The Performance Level is Developing Very Well on the EDiS Website in the First Half of 2022 Compared to the Second Half of 2021.

Since June 2022, more users have visited the EDiS website. In total, 1154 users browsed the EDiS website and, on average, viewed 3.7 pages per session.

The average session duration has increased from 2:31 minutes to 2:34 minutes, suggesting these users are spending more of their time reading through the content across the various pages. The bounce rate has also decreased to 50.13% from last year. A lower bounce rate indicates good user engagement since visitors do not leave the webpage immediately and interact with the content and the page itself.

Since the beginning of the year’s second half, organic search rankings have also shown significant improvement. Not only has the number of clicks generated by organic search results improved. But keyword rankings have also improved for industrial hoses, industrial suppliers, European distributors, and European suppliers

The ranking positions of some keywords remained the same, e.g., distribution of industrial products and spiramet. These keywords require a stronger focus on SEO optimization as we advance.

The positive keyword rankings and general optimization trends have improved the click-through rate. Due to the number of impressions decreasing and the number of clicks increasing, a key performance indicator that shows good user targeting.

Maintaining and progressively improving results and being one step ahead of the competitors requires constant monitoring, analyzing, and ongoing work with search engine optimization.

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