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European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

The association of the “European Distributors of industrial Suppliers” (“EDiS”) was launched by Europe-based technical dealers in 1991. The claim made by EDiS is: “Always ahead in Industrial Distribution”. The dealer cooperative operates in the areas of general management, product management, marketing and purchasing. Today, the ten partners are in a strong position. They are from nine European countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, and Spain. The purchasing cooperative is still open for further partners, particularly those coming from France and Great Britain, who are not currently represented in EDiS.

Good organisation is the foundation for success The joint work of the EDiS partners is controlled by the executive management of the partner companies – in particular by EDiS’s president who is elected for a term of two years. Currently, this position is held by Karol Semba from Tubes International which is based in Poland. The partners work together to act together strongly across the boarders in an increasingly united Europe. They exchange information about the markets and special requirements of their customers so that they can better understand and support their wishes. EDiS’s own brands are found in the hose and occupational safety branches. The purchasing efforts are joined together giving a coordinated development of new procurement markets to ensure long-term competitiveness. Joint projects are carried out using existing suppliers.

While the “Management representatives” set the general thrust, the so-called “Expert groups” have an intensive dialogue concerning the most important products of the technical traders. There are expert groups covering the subjects of industrial hoses, metal hoses, hydraulic hoses, rubber sheets, and PPE (personal protective equipment), who exchange ideas and learn from the markets.

The EDiS partners All EDiS partners have their headquarters in Europe. The following companies belong to the cooperative at present:

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