EDiS Young Executives Forum* at Jäger Group

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

The EDiS Young Executives met for Young Executives Forum, “YEF”, in Hannover at Jäger Group in October 2014. This spring, the young executives are going to meet at REIFF in Reutlingen. 

On the first day, the group visited ARTEMIS in Hannover, a Jäger Group company which is specialized in rubber and plastic processing. The group enjoyed a factory tour, discussed on eBusiness and pricing and attended a keynote on energy management at Jäger Group.
The host had a great idea for an event in the evening: the team went to a cookery school in the historic centre of Hildesheim and prepared a four-course-dinner guided by a professional cook. Everyone enjoyed the selfmade meal afterwards.
On the second day, the group met at Jäger Group and toured through the production facility where different rubber products, especially for the automobile industry, are being manufactured.
Lectures on risk management and human recources were scheduled for the afternoon. The meeting ended with a report on the demands and expectations of the managers for the YEF.
All participants of YEF are looking forward to visiting REIFF in Reutlingen this year. They will inspect the automatic small-parts warehouse, exchange their experiences and push on the elaboration of their duties and responsibilites.

* EDiS Young Executives Forum assembles young specialists from all EDiS members in order to discuss and develop non-product-specific topics as material master, eBusiness and marketing.
Markus Walter, REIFF Technical Products

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