EDiS Young Executives Visit REIFF

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies EDiS Young Executives visit REIFF

The specialist group that made up the 5th EDiS Young Executive Forum met on 3–4 November at REIFF in Reutlingen, Germany. The first day was held in REIFF’s elastomer technical (R.E.T.) department.After a come together with a traditional Swabian lunch (Swabian raviolis with potato salad), the meeting started with a presentation about quality management at REIFF Technische Produkte (technical products) after which there was an active exchange concerning the QA processes of the other EDiS members.

Then there was a tour around the R.E.T. factory, which was followed by all the participants with great interest.
Before the day was rounded off with a good evening meal and stimulating conversation, the participants were presented with an impressive report about the experiences REIFF Technische Produkte have made up to now in the Chinese market – in particular, the expansion of the branch office in Shanghai.

On the second day, the guests were welcomed at the head office.
The day started with a presentation by ITB about their in-house PIM solution (Product Information Management) and how this was to be introduced at REIFF in practical terms

EDiS Young Executives take a tour around the R.E.T. factory

EDiS Young Executives take a tour around the R.E.T. factory

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies EDiS Young Executive Forum

EDiS Young Executive Forum

Then we dared to take a look into the future: “Human Resource 4.0” was the subject.

We were given an impressive presentation about how the ongoing automation and digitisation in both industry and in business-life will affect the current and future generations (Industry 4.0).

After a hearty lunch, the meeting drew to a close with a tour through REIFF logistic centre in Reutlingen-Betzingen where the new automated small parts warehouse produced a few impressed faces.

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