Electrically heated large diameter composite hose

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Many products are heated to improve their flow characteristics or homogeneity. Transfer these materials between processes or from storage can be problematic as rigid pipework combined with cumbersome heating methods can be undesirable at best and is often impossible. Gassoflex heated hoses solve these issues by seamlessly blending industry standard hoses and fittings with world-leading heating technology into a flexible hose with integral heater and sensor.Purpose Gassoflex heated hoses are designed and manufactured to optimize heat uniformity and control characteristics using an integrated temperature sensor and evenly distributed resistive heating element. Also, maintain the medium being transferred at an even, pre-set temperature, avoiding hot spots or changes in viscosity, eliminating condensation, degradation and crystallization. The flexible properties of the heated hose eliminate many problems with alignment and machine vibration.High chemical resistance and a temperature range of -70°C to 250°C?.


• Hot Melt Systems
• Petroleum Products
• Hot Oil Lines
• Chemical Transfer
• Paint Systems
• Tar & Asphalt 

Composed of:
• assembled composite hose
• a heating system and temperature sensor
• thermal insulation
• outer cover and hose end caps
• connecting cable, plug and temperature controller.

• Light
• Flexible
• Clean
• Easy for the transport
• Large range of temperatures. 
• Easy to power. 
• Easy to set up. 
• Steam or thermal oil is not necessary 
• Suitable for a large range of products.
• Suitable for ATEX zone.

Large diameter: 
6” – 8” – 10”

diameter_web European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Research & Development

There are not many manufacturers that can supply electrically heated hoses in large sizes. Gasso’s technical team had to develop by itself the optimal composition and assembly to guarantee the correct functioning of the electrical heating and maintain the characteristics of the Gassoflex hoses.

Fullautomatic loading arm

Gassó Equipments has developed a more optimal solution for Loading Terminal sector. This is an Automatic Loading Arm which can recognises an open manhole, moves towards it, inserts, self-checks and loads. On completion it will self-check, purge and then park, with no operator involvement.

The Gassó Automatic Loading Arm can costumized according to costumer needs from different balance systems, valves, overfill and vapor recovery system until to integration with your own PLC software.

Remote Control
A fully automatic, open pit location system that eliminates the need for operator contact with the loading arm and hazardous liquids. All operations can be controlled from the loading rack, the control room or remotely.

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies


• Safety: Staff do not have to      stay on cistern roof operating loading arm.
• Less risky: The worker will avoid being in contact with or near dangerous liquids during loading
• Higher loading speed: Loading operations are optimized and quicker than manual way

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