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European Distributors of Industrial Supplies Boat with Red Tanks of Liquefied Natural Gas

In the current discussion about alternative energy supply and strategies in Europe, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) comes to the fore. Today the LNG share in global gas trading is at about 30%, in Europe at only 15.5%. Most notably LNG is used in industry and pipeline feeding. For the use of LNG as fuel, which could reduce the dependence on oil, there are currently only limited supply options for end users. The infrastructure is still in a developing stage.
The potential of LNG as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets and ships is being investigated. For this purpose. Currently in Europe there are about 40 LNG filling stations, which supply about 200 trucks and buses. Due to stringent emissions requirements, the LNG-powered ship market has grown in the last decade. About 20 ships are already in transit on the coast of Norway. For inland vessels, LNG as a fuel in Europe is still banned, but nevertheless there are currently two barges operating with a certificate of exemption between Basel and Rotterdam.
Therefore in last years GASSO has developed and manufactured in our Barcelona´s Factory a complete Cryogenic range of products which includes Gassolex Cryo Composite hoses and Safety Breakaway Couplings.

Both products arise to cover the most demanding needs of this incipient market. GASSO differs from other manufacturers, being the only one that can offer the manufacture of the complete solution of both hose and breakaway.
Recently GASSO has gone one step further and has obtained the demanding cryogenic certification EN 12434:2000 for very high pressures (21 Bar) for both products. This certification allows us to cover all the possible applications of the market; loading / unloading of tank trucks, rail tankers and even bunkering of tank vessels.
In order to obtain the GASSO Certification, it had to carry out extremely demanding and difficult-to-perform tests in the presence of a certifying entity (BV) such as pressure break cycles at temperatures of -200ºC with Nitrogen Gas.
These tests were carried out entirely in our own laboratory located in the factory and supervised at all times by our expert engineers who develop the products.

So today we can present our solution for cryogenics that offers the following advantages
• Very flexible and light hose
• Prevent possible accidents caused by improper stretching of the hose or loading arm
• Simple mechanism of great robustness and minimum maintenance
• Large flow design with small pressure drop
• Available in sizes DN25 to DN 250
• Pressures up to 25 Bar
• Approvals : EN13766:2010, CE marked, PED 97/23/EC, ISO 9001:2008

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