Self Floating Hose from Imbema Cleton

FPSO vessels are vessels for production, storage and offloading oil and gas. A type of vessel which is in fact a floating petrochemical installation, to process and store oil and gas products which are produced on offshore locations. After processing, the oil or gas can be stored for a while, to be offloaded onto a tanker or pipeline. Earlier FPSO vessels are in fact oil tankers which have been converted to also process oil and gas, but newly constructed vessels are engineered as FPSO vessels from the drawing board on.
A worldwide operating company specialized in offshore systems based in The Netherlands is engineering and constructing a new highly advanced FPSO. On board of this new vessel, delivery hoses are needed, necessary to deliver fuel (marine diesel oil), chemicals and potable water. After careful consideration, the engineers chose the unique self floating delivery hose from Imbema Cleton
BV, manufactured by the Italian company IVG. The “PL Floating” offshore hose is a remarkable piece of engineering. It is self floating, and does not need
external floating devices. This unique property makes this hose much safer
and easier to handle, and faster to deploy, saving time and money. The
new FPSO is scheduled to be deployed 2nd quarter 2013 in the Atlantic
Ocean to develop a new oil field near the Brazilian coast.

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