Entering a new year we prepare for new challenges

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies Karol Semba, president of EDiS

Dear EDiS Members,

Entering a new year we prepare for new challenges, however in my case it is not only 2013 that I start but a period of presidency which I am honored to take over.
Having this in mind I would like to share some of my ideas with you. (I would like to share a brief personal message about new Presidents challenges and problems in the upcoming presidency).
Companies that belong to EDiS organization are unique in terms of business strategies that they adopt and industry sectors that they focus on.
This diversity constantly generates new stimuli for operational strategy enhancement and development of new market segments.
The distinguishing feature of EDiS group is sharing experience between members and thus allowing to create securebusiness policies and steady development of all EDiS members.We continue to see opportunities for growth even in more turbulent economy times as we have never experience before. Our target is to push EDiS to even higher levels of performance Operating highlights for upcoming Presidency are:

  • Improve internal attractiveness of EDiS by higher level of  work of expert groups;
  • Improve communication and cooperation between members;
  • Secure future of EDiS organization by start program of
  • Young Executive forum; Closer relation between Suppliers and EDiS organization

Introduce first join purchasing impulse in history of EDiS ; I am greatly honored to lead EDiS organization for upcoming years and I look forward to working with each of you in the upcoming years .
I very much hope to continue the constructive and friendly atmosphere in coming future to support development of EDiS idea.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all previous Presidents, especially to last President Mr. Erik Jølberg. His commitment, hard work, ideas and thoughts have played a major part in shaping the organization.
On behalf of EDiS organization and myself I wish everybody successful years and effective results in New Year.


Karol Semba

EDiS President 2013–2014

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