Flamingo App Makes it Easier to Identify and Validate Hoses

Hose Validation - Imbema - Flamingo App at Work
Companies in the chemical, petrochemical, storage and transshipment industries often use hoses to transport gases, liquids and solids. If a hose is used somewhere within the company, the user must be 100% sure that the hose he has selected is also the hose that may be used for the work. If he isn’t, it’s just a matter of time until an incident occurs, along with all the consequences this entails.

Newly Developed Flamingo App Makes Four Eyes Principle Redundant

There are different methods for conducting an inspection of this type. The four eyes principle, which involves a second member of staff conducting an additional inspection, is often used, but is time-consuming and delays the production process. What’s more, it will often be impossible to identify a hose because a unique ID is missing or illegible. Finally, it will be necessary to leaf through a mass of paperwork to find out whether the hose still has the correct certification, has been cleaned, is irreparably damaged or should have been replaced a long time ago. A recently developed app is causing all this to change.

Identifying Hoses Using a Tablet or Smartphone

Imbema Asset Solutions, a company of the Imbema Group, developed Flamingo in collaboration with a large company from the storage and transhipment sector. The app identifies hoses that are fitted with a special NFC chip quickly and easily by using a tablet or smartphone to read the chip. It’s the same technology you use to make contactless payments with your bank card. Flamingo displays the information about the hose on the screen. Combined with a special module, the app is even able to fully validate a line-up of hoses based on a work order, making the four eyes principle redundant and ruling out human error.

Viewing Usage History and Important Documents via the Back Office

The Flamingo app also records your hose’s usage history. It helps you to answer the question who, where, when and for what process a specific hose has been used. Flamingo’s accessible back office allows you to link important documents such as certificates to hoses. With the Flamingo database stored safely in the cloud, you can view your hose data securely wherever in the world you might be.

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