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European Distributors of Industrial Supplies TESS - Frost Safe hoses

The petroleum industry is heading north to a colder climate and is facing challenges that create need for new solutions.
TESS has service centers in Northern Norway including strategic sites along the shore of the Barents Sea. During the last months TESS has launched hose solutions that are dedicated for use in extremely cold climate. The solutions includes a heating cable attached to the inside or the outside of the hose, securing full flow also during the cold dark winters.

TESS starts in Singapore

According to TESS motto “Follow your customers” TESS will open a service center in Singapore during the first quarter of 2015. It is a fact that a number of Norwegian as well as foreign customers of TESS are established in Singapore. Others potential customers are the Singapore yards. Suitable premises are secured. Johanes Darmawan (from the hose business in Singapore) was appointed as manager in the late summer. He has recruited the necessary manpower during the autumn of 2014.

Industrial Fashion Fair IM2015

The TESS Industrial Fashion Fair (IM2015) will take place March 25-26 2015. Both the exhibition as well as the conference will pay particular focus on renewable energy and climate change. The Norwegian minister of climate and the environment, Tine Sundtoft, will conduct the official opening. The conference will particularly focus on the possibilities Norway has to increase production of renewable energy – based on several energy sources such as offshore wind, sea waves and hydropower.

Photo: Product Manager Trond Sorensen at TESS headquarter reporting high interest for the new cold climate hose solutions.

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