Gasso 150th anniversary

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies -150th anniversary of Gasso

Gasso celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation in 1862

Delegates from Catalan Government were present in the event who focused the importance of this large history of Gasso in the industrial market initially as commercial company and in last years as a important manufacturer of composite hoses, loading arms, etc. From 1862 Gasso has changed a lot, innovating and updating our facilities to new times and markets, making a strong effort in export sales. Nowadays Gasso products are present in more than 85 countries worldwide.

The celebration was a nice and warm party with the participation of Staff, Managers and all workers who could also bring their relatives to participate in this joyous day. Now all Gasso team is working to think about how to celebrate the 300th anniversary, will you join us?

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