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In 2022, Gasso Equipments S.A. celebrates its 160th anniversary. Gasso Equipments S.A. is the continuing company of the business started by, Josep Gasso i Marti in 1862, a small shop located in Barcelona city center.

Josep Gasso i Marti was the first rubber importer in Spain, he was also a founding partner and first president of the Barcelona´s Chambre of Commerce for 5 years, founder and President for 11 years of the Barcelona Urban Property Chamber, President of the Board of the Port of Barcelona, Civil Governor of Barcelona and also being accidental Major of Barcelona on an interim basis on several occasions, within his political career.

The family dynasty was taking control of the business for several decades overcoming difficult periods such as different economic crises worldwide, the Spanish civil war and the first world war.

Gasso - warehouse



In 1947 is Jordi Gasso Feliu (father of current owners) took the command of the company opening new facilities and warehouses in Barcelona city, some years later started the expansion of branches throughout the Spanish.




Currently, Xavier Gasso Espina and Ignasi Gasso Espina continue with the company.

Which now acts under the name Gasso Equipments S.A, with Head Office in Barcelona, and its own branches in Madrid, Tarragona, Bilbao, Seville, Portugal, distributing their products in more than 90 countries around the world.

Was on this generation, when the company made the big transformation from Distributor to Manufacturer of Composite Hoses, Loading Arms and couplings.

Gasso - 6 automatic lines for Gassoflex composite hoses

In recent years, the company has reaffirmed itself as a reference in the domestic market while continuing the international expansion of its manufactured products.

GASSÓ EQUIPMENTS S.A. has expanded its portfolio with new specialized products. Some of them: Breakaways couplings, marine Hose-reels, marine camlocks, insulation flanges and fully automatic loading arms. It is also worth mentioning the development of new cryogenic products such as LNG composite hoses, LNG loading arms and Cryo breakaway couplings.

Gasso - LNG Loading arm     Gasso - Hosereels

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