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2020 has been a difficult year, but also a year of challenges and opportunities. We have developed a new product: GASSÓ MARINE CAMLOCKS from 2″ to 12″.

The Gassó Camlock Coupling provides a faster, safer, and more convenient way of making and breaking flanged hose connections. To make a connection, the two flanges to be joined are brought together and automatically positioned within the cam blocks around the coupling. With the faces parallel, the cams are rotated clockwise using a locking bar or wrench.

How does it work?

A hose is attached at one end through pins and nuts and is perfectly fixed to the camlock, like a conventional screw joint, but without them. At the other end the other hose is attached, first it is centered on the ring and then it is tightened with the closing keys until it reaches the hermeticity and perfect fixation.

In the first step, the hose is centred with the pins and the holes of the flange, in the next step, the flange is introduced and when there is contact with the marine camlock we insert the nuts, and they are tightened to the maximum until it is hermetically closed.

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Then, the flange will be positioned in parallel and using the positioner will be centred giving concentricity to both pieces.

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The last step consists of closing CAMS (will be turned with a key) until tight to the maximum the caps with the  lange and seal hermetically the flange with the marine camlock.
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Last May, we produced and supplied to USA company, 10units of 12” Gassó Marine Camlock – Studded type- ANSI flange – 5 SS cams with 12” Gassoflex SSE hoses of 10 meters length.

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12″ Gassó Marine Camlock – Ansi 150lbs – Studded type – 5 cams in SS.

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