GH681 and EC881 1 Million Impulse Cycle

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New Wire Braided Hoses

We are excited to introduce GH681 and EC881, the new high performing wire braided hoses qualified to 1 Million impulse cycles. Impulse cycles are a key measure in the life expectancy and overall quality of a hydraulic hose. Standard EN 857 Type 1SC and 2SC hoses are only qualified to 200.000 cycles. Exceeding the standard by 5x means this hose was designed to last and withstand the toughest applications. GH681 and EC881 also exceed the SC pressure ratings which extends the range in which hydraulic systems these hoses can be used in. See below for some typical applications.

• Compact construction equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Arial lift equipment
• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Other industrial applications needing SC pressures

Eaton Aeroquip GH681 and EC881 highlights
• Both hose types tested with 1 Million impulse cycles (the EN857
requires 200.000 impulse cycles)
• Up to 8 times more abrasion wear resistance due to “Dura Tuff”
• 126°C operating temperature compared to 100°C as per EN857
• Significantly smaller minimum bending radius than required in
EN857 (less than 50% in some cases with EC881)
• Because of higher operating pressures, 4SP hoses can be
replaced with EC881 in some applications –> cost reduction
• GH681 is already available apart from DN5 and 6
• EC 881 is already available in DN6, 10, 13, 16, 19 and 25
• All other DN will follow in Q1/2018
• GH681 and EC881 have been qualified
with Eaton TTC fittings (one-piece fitting
for non skiving)

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