Green Award for Imbema Cleton

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies Imbema receives green award
Imbema Cleton (Vlaardingen, the Netherlands) has joined the Green Award programme as an incentive provider. This is in recognition of our contribution towards improving and raising awareness of quality, safety and the environment within the maritime sector. ‘We are extremely proud and happy that the sustainability of our products and concepts is being recognised. What is more, the award will motivate our whole organisation to think even greener and safer’, says Eric van Leeuwen, sector manager Offshore, Maritime & Process Industry.


In particular, the solutions that Imbema offers when lubricants for the maritime sector are required are characterised by their reliability and sustainability. These lubricants produced by Lubrication Engineers reduce friction and consequently help to reduce energy consumption. They also last longer so that there is less waste. And by using the Viper Wire Rope lubricator module, the lubrication of marine cables can be carried out safely and effectively, without wastage.


The subject of safety is dealt with extremely thoroughly at Imbema Cleton through our PPE concepts. Our personal protective equipment which includes high-end respiratory protective equipment guarantees safety during the processing and handling of (hazardous) raw materials, cleaning and the performance of general onboard maintenance and in the event of calamities.

Operational reliability

Imbema Cleton also actively takes an innovative approach to hoses and couplings for the maritime sector. Not only do our products deliver operational reliability but also services like our Flamingo app (for verifying, managing and identifying assets) make a unique contribution towards improving safety.

Green Award: the pride of the oceans

The Green Award programme to encourage cleaner and safer shipping has been in operation for maritime vessels since 1994. There are ships, shipping companies and oil companies which have been (voluntarily) certified by Green Award all over the world. The Green Award Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

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