Haberkorn acquires interest in the German Mühlberger Group

EDiS Haberkorn acquires interest in Mühlberger Group

Subject to the approval of the competition authorities, Haberkorn is to acquire 50% of the shares in the German company, Mühlberger GmbH. The acquisition of the remaining 50% of the shares has already been contractually agreed for the beginning of 2024, which means that company succession is secured for the Mühlberger Group for the long term. The participation in Mühlberger will further strengthen Haberkorn’s position in the European technical equipment supply sector. 

With its two companies, Mühlberger GmbH and MLS Safety GmbH, the Mühlberger Group ranks amongst the market leaders in personal protective equipment throughout Germany and in Hessen is the regional specialist for industrial equipment, hose technology, pipe systems and pharmaceutical engineering. In 2018, the company posted sales revenues of 86 million euros with a workforce of 214 employees. Mühlberger covers a wide area of the German market with sites in Wiesbaden, Hanover, Hamburg and Berlin.

EDiS Logo HaberkornUnder the umbrella of the Haberkorn Group, the Mühlberger Group and the Haberkorn subsidiary Sahlberg will gain a leading position in the technical equipment market throughout Germany. EDiS Logo Mühlberger Group GmbHAt the same time, the Haberkorn Group is set to become one of the market leaders in Europe for personal protective equipment with sales revenues in excess of 150 million euros. Together with Mühlberger, Haberkorn wants to strategically expand this position by drawing on the resources of the Haberkorn Group. This applies above all to the areas of portfolio management and digitalisation as well as e-business and logistics solutions.

Mühlberger GmbH and MLS Safety GmbH will continue to operate as independent companies. Their excellent reputation in the market is to be jointly consolidated. The management teams will also remain unchanged, with Peter Mühlberger and Rüdiger Weber continuing as managing directors of Mühlberger GmbH and MLS Safety GmbH. From the Haberkorn side, Haberkorn board member Harald Stix will join the companies as an additional member of the board and perform a coordinating role between the Mühlberger Group, Sahlberg and Haberkorn.

Sites of the Mühlberger Group and the Haberkorn Group

EDiS Haberkorn acquires interest in Mühlberger Group

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