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Products available 24/7 – with the Haberkorn automated dispenser
The Haberkorn automated dispensing machine provides controlled, yet flexible access to consumables at any time. The recording of all items retrieved ensures maximum process transparency and enables individual evaluations.  

Placing the dispenser at decentralised locations in production halls makes for shorter routes and addresses a cost factor which should not be underestimated. In terms of product range, there are countless items which are suitable for this dispensing method: “From gloves, sealants and adhesives to tools – everything which is not too big or much too small can be handled by the automated dispenser,” explains Haberkorn expert Daniel Kohler.

Haberkorn takes charge of order picking and replenishment
Employees use a fob chip to retrieve items, which enables the automatic recording of employee data, retrieval time and the products retrieved. The automated dispenser sends the ­retrieval
data to Haberkorn via SIM card, so integration into a customer-­specific ERP system is not necessary. The replenishment orders are then generated, ensuring that the right quantities are delivered at the right point in time. The dispenser is either refilled by the company’s own staff or by Haberkorn replenishment staff and therefore ensures 24/7 availability of the products it contains.

Solutions are the subject of continuous optimisation at Haberkorn, and that also applies in the case of automated dispensing machines. This means that custom solutions are always possible. Your Haberkorn logistics services expert will be happy to advise.

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