Imbema addresses unsafe situations

Imbema addresses unsafe situations in its Safety Blog (Dutch)

A lot of the technical products that Imbema offers to its customers as solutions have additional aspects that do a lot more than just resolve technical problems. Consequently, our specialists often also use these products to address unsafe situations in the workplace. A complex problem involving an unsafe situation can often be resolved by means of a surprisingly simple solution.

A group of specialists at Imbema have started writing a blog on unsafe situations that they come across when visiting customers. Sometimes, these situations may not even have been noticed by the actual customer. They also talk about how they have used relatively simple solutions to make the workplace situation a whole lot safer. All their accounts can be found in the Imbema Safety Blog.
The accounts cover a wide variety of topics ranging from hazardous situations that have arisen during the performance of lubrication maintenance on a conveyor belt to a hose that was used incorrectly due to it not being marked properly. Or from workmen with beards who wear dust masks and are convinced that they are well-protected to a hose connector that unlocks on its own as a result of it not being maintained properly.

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