Imbema develops its own brand CLETON for hose assemblies

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Imbema Cleton is a company of the Imbema Group. However, the name Cleton has been an established name for decades in the industry when it comes to high end hose assemblies. When you say Cleton, the industry says: reliable, innovative and high quality.  

In 2019 Imbema started developing its own brands. In addition to the well-known brands Rhiwa and SBS in vehicle technology and Impro in surface treatment, Imbema developed Cleton as a brand. Cleton stands for reliability, high quality and innovation. The very best in hose assemblies, hoses and couplings.

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Rhiwa Easy Aero roof ventilator conquers van market

Rhiwa Easy Aero is a by Imbema in-house developed unique roof ventilator. It provides healthy ventilation and removes moisture, harmgul gases and heat from a company vehicle! The push and pull technology creates powerful air circulation. The unique thing about the Easy Aero is that it doesn’t require separate floor drainage, which not only saves a great deal of work, but also prevents serious damage to your company vehicle’s exhaust, wiring and braking system. Easy to use, install and maintain.

Benefits of the easy Aero:

  • Sustainable to use, doesn’t require any electricity and the roof ventilator is fully recyclable.
  • Easy to assemble as it can be installed in your company vehicle in just three easy steps.
  • Has a high capacity as the push and pull effect of the Easy Aero roof ventilator results in an output of 70 m3 per hour.
  • Made of strong plastic and less fragile because no rotating parts have been used. Shockproof, virtually silent and suitable for going through the car wash.
  • The geometry negates the need for floor drainage, in contrast to traditional roof ventilator models.
  • Instead of rotating parts, push and pull forces have been incorporated into a single model.
  • Fits both under roof racks and in convertibles.
  • Adjustable ventilation strength.

Since its introduction in 2019, the Easy Aero is conquering the market for vans and small trucks. Owners of such vehicles choose Easy Aero above other mechanical roof ventilator.

The Rhiwa Easy Aero roof fan is a product by Imbema. For more information visit our special website

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