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Opening a trailer lock without a key? That becomes possible with the trailer door lock Imbema introduced at the latest edition of the IAA tradeshow in Hannover: the SBS Fox. This revolutionary lock does away with the disadvantages of traditional mechanical locks. The SBS Fox works without a key or batteries using an app on a smartphone.

A solution in between

SBS is an Imbema brand representing a wide range of products, from the mechanical Turtle to the smart electronic Inlock. The new Hornet security lock launched last month meets the highest Tapa TRS1 requirements. But many cargo carriers are looking for a solution in between. That is where the Fox is positioned.

Open with an app on your phone

“The SBS Fox is a compact surface-mounted lock that you open with an app on your phone,” explains Gertjan van der Veer, product development manager at Imbema. “The unlocking is done via NFC – Near Field Communication. That’s the same technology a smartphone uses when making contactless payments in a shop.”

No battery and no keys to lose

Van der Veer continues: “The driver opens the app containing the code on his phone and then holds it near the lock. Via NFC, the electronics unlock the internal mechanism, after which the driver opens the lock by hand. No battery and no keys to lose. And therefore, no administration of who has which key. Moreover, the Fox is virtually maintenance-free.”

Encryption is military grade

Much more can be done via the app, says Van der Veer. “The encryption of the codes is military grade: i.e., very high and not remotely readable. And the planner can program all kinds of extra parameters from his computer. For example, the app remains locked during the journey. The driver then just has to call when he is at his destination so that the planner can open the app again. This function could also go automatically via geofencing at a later stage.”

Quick and cost-efficient to set up

“The SBS Fox has another advantage,” says Van der Veer. “It has a slam lock function. When the driver closes his doors, the Fox immediately drops into the lock, and the trailer is locked. So he can never forget to activate his lock. And because the lock is on the outside of the door, it is quick and therefore cost-efficient to set up.”

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