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Why sustainable action is so important for JÄGER

The production of rubber and plastics is fundamentally energy- intensive. However, this also means that there is great potential here for saving energy and CO2 emissions.

“Sustainability has been firmly anchored in JÄGER’s values and actions for many years. The topic is very close to the hearts of all of us in the team – which is why we set ourselves clearly defined goals and implement the projects directly at our international locations,” explains Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger.

“As engineers, we at JÄGER approach the challenge very analytically – we are guided by the “magic triangle” consisting of the variables procurement, product development and production processes.”


Jäger Group - graphics magic triangle
We are guided by the “magic triangle” consisting of the variables procurement, product development and production processes.


“Ultimately, however, we are all challenged as citizens and consumers to minimize energy and resource consumption through our personal behavior,” says Andreas Jäger. Therefore, JÄGER offers
concrete support to all employees for environmentally friendly behavior and the promotion of their own health. “These Germany | Jäger Group are important steps towards making sustainability a natural part of our daily work,” he explains.

“Green” on the way: sustainable mobility

Promoting health and protecting the environment at the same time – this already starts on the way to work: JÄGER provides a whole bundle of measures for its employees to give incentives for the use of low-emission means of transport.

JÄGER offers its employees an attractive mobility package: bicycle leasing with JobRad. Whether city bike, cargo bike or electric bike – employees can easily purchase their desired bike at attractive conditions through the company.


Jäger Group - Job bycycle
Via JobRad we offer the possibility to lease bicycles of all kinds at a reasonable price. Simply save money and cycle to work in a fit and environmentally friendly way.


In addition, JÄGER offers its employees sufficient parking spaces for bicycles and e-bikes at its headquarters. Charging stations for electric vehicles are available. And with a discounted job ticket, JÄGER supports its employees in switching from cars to trains, buses and trams.

Digital technologies such as video conferencing help to bridge distances and communicate more quickly: JÄGER continuously optimizes business travel – for example, with the use of video conferencing. Meetings and training sessions therefore take place predominantly digitally or regionally. Customers are also increasingly taking advantage of the offer of a digital appointment.

Arnold’s company restaurant: Fresh, healthy, regional

The in-house company restaurant Arnold’s serves regional, healthy and varied dishes – freshly prepared every day. “The family meets there at the communal lunch table,” says Andreas Jäger. “Stimulating conversation and good food are a perfect reason to meet there at lunchtime.”


Jäger Group - Arnold´s fresh foods
About half of all dishes sold are now meatless, reports Heiko Recker, manager of the in-house company restaurant Arnold’s.


About half of all dishes sold are now meatless, reports Heiko Recker, manager of Arnold’s. “We focus on sustainability, regional and seasonal products, and high quality of the processed ingredients,” he explains.

In addition to catering to their guests, the Arnold’s team also repeatedly implements great projects in which the topic of sustainability is clearly in the foreground: At events such as the “Origin Day” for employees, for example, the team works together with the supplier Transgourmet to provide information about regional suppliers, short distances, and where meat and vegetables come from.

Avoiding waste – the be-all and end-all

“For us, it’s about avoiding plastic waste within the company on the one hand and developing alternative materials on the other,” Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger elaborates. JÄGER avoids unnecessary packaging in production and logistics. JÄGER also sets a good example in everyday office life: We try to work paperless as far as possible and offer reusable bottles and compostable packaging in the canteen. Disposable plastic products are dispensed with altogether. And Heiko Recker picks the herbs for the delicious dishes from Arnold’s directly in his kitchen garden next to the kitchen – completely without packaging!

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