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The JÄGER Group has consolidated its activities in Hannover, where the company was founded in 1942. After 20 month construction work and 14 month pandemic related homeoffice restrictions June 14th was a joyful highlight for the JÄGER team to finally move into the new “office-home”.  

Jäger Group Gebäude

Until now, six companies at the Hanover site were spread across different locations within the city. In the new building all colleagues work together agilely with the latest technology and also use short distances in an environmentally friendly way on foot or by bike between the new headquarters, the logistics center and 2 production companies.

The new headquarter enables people to work efficient, cooperative and flexible in a modern atmosphere. All workplaces are no longer person-related, but task-related, however everyone who works in the office should feel like at home.

“Family meets at the kitchen table for breakfast and lunch” says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger, the new company restaurant “Arnold’s” ensures a healthy mind in a healthy body – with daily changing lovingly on-site prepared dishes made from fresh seasonal and regional ingredients.

With a sophisticated open-space concept and new forms of cooperation, JÄGER expects an even better exchange between the individual JÄGER companies.

In the new office building, the teams get to see a lot of each other, and it is also possible to invite sister companies to a meeting at short notice. A large number of conference rooms with state-of-the-art technology will also welcome customers and suppliers with open arms in the future.

Jäger Group Büro

New rules have applied to furniture and rooms since the pandemic at the latest. Even though the old headquarters was already well utilized with three of the now four companies, JÄGER wanted more than just more space in the new building. A new form of cooperation and exchange is also to be spatially illustrated. The change includes intelligent, non-territorial office landscapes consisting of various open-space solutions. In the future, workstations will no longer be tied to a desk of their own; for project work, people can use a workstation in another office to communicate directly with colleagues. This is uncomplicated, as all workstations are equipped with the same technical features. In addition, thanks to the paperless office and the general digital transformation, it is possible to work with a notebook or tablet both in the new building and in the home office, as well as on the road; you can easily switch between work locations.

For spontaneous meetings, for reading technical information or for a break in between, seating landscapes are available in the corridors – novel and environmentally friendly moss installations dampen sound and spread a pleasant atmosphere. In the open office, people can retreat individually or in pairs to seating islands and, for undisturbed meetings, as a small group to glass-clad boxes. “Here we can work highly productive and still feel at home. Especially after the pandemic, it is important to meet again to develop new ideas. Because working at home may also be efficient,
but is rarely creative. The open building concept offers a variety of work options and thus provides a solid platform for further growth of the Jäger Group.” says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger.


15.500 sqm plot

3.200 sqm production hall

5. 800 sqm administration building (3 floors)

177 workplaces (expansion to 250)

40 bicycle parking spaces

110 car parking spaces

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