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Webinar on sustainability 

2020 has moved many companies in the industry to go digital. Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH is also increasingly focusing on online meetings and thus digital exchange within the company and with external partners. In June, an online event took place for the first time, instead of the originally planned participation in the Hanover Fair. In addition to website contributions in the form of various videos, interviews and articles on the topic of sustainability in the rubber and plastics industry, webinars were also held for the first time.

Sustainability – in 2020 an important topic as well!

Jäger could not and did not want to evade one task this year, the topic of sustainability. Especially in the rubber and plastics industry, this is an important point, since the production of these products is basically energyintensive. But if there is a lot of energy in use, there is also a great potential for savings. Due to the indispensability of rubber and plastic products, Jäger is working to make the focus areas of procurement, development and production as sustainable as possible. The potentials identified for saving carbon dioxide emissions, production materials or process-related waste, as well as the joint consideration of the entire supply chain with customers and supply partners, ultimately contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Webinar: “Save resources – reduce costs”

This slogan combines the topics ecology and economics, which should be brought together in various Webinars. The challenge of this project was to find the right organization and to guarantee a suitable infrastructure. Beginning with the selection of a suitable web conferencing tool, over the selection of the Jäger experts as speakers, up to the exact operational sequence planning and production of the presentations everything was handled internally. Additional arrangements in advance as well as a briefing on the webinar tool took place in a digital form as well. This was initially unfamiliar to some of those involved, but after a short familiarization phase, everyone was able to come to terms with the new situation. After a successful execution of the webinars in June, the next presentation dates were already-planned. In November, interesting contributions to the topic were discussed, which can now be viewed on the Jäger website.

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