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We are now launching Alma Tracking, a traceability system which gives the customer complete control over their hoses and other products.

During 2020, Lundgrens Sverige AB developed its own unique traceability system. Many of our customers have been seeking a tool which allows a third party solution, that is, where both we and our customers can administer products through a common portal. The objective of this tool is to reduce stoppages for our customers and enable them with quicker service. 

Throughout Alma Trackings development we have worked with a number of pilot accounts who have continually provided us with valuable feedback in order to make the system as user friendly as possible.

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The system was launched in May 2021 and the news of it has spread throughout the sector.We are very satisfied with the end product and look forward to be able to provide the best solution for product marking. The Alma Tracking system is both a traceablity and maintenance tool where each product is given a unique traceability number and QR code.

Prevent maintenance and reduce down time by replacing product in good time. Identidy, scan and order.

Our objective is to give the customer:

Time saving – reduced down time in production stoppage.

Repeat business – the customer scans and orders easily by phone.

Control – all of the marked items are saved in the system for maximum control

Article register – Possibility to create customer specific articles, also with compositions of several components.

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