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European Distributors of Industrial Supplies-Rubber Nav App

REIFF Technische Produkte presents the Rubber Navi app

The conditions that a mate-rial must withstand are often known up front. But which material has the required properties and is thus optimally suited for the intended use?

REIFF Technische Produkte, the technical vendor from Reutlingen, is thoroughly familiar with its customers’ require-ments and has developed a practical aid for answering this question, bringing another app to the market: the Rubber Nav app. After the Technology app, which is a mobile converter, the Rubber Navi app is the second mobile application by the Reutlingen technology specialists. “We analyse the require-ments of our customers, then we have to link intelligent solutions to modern media.” says Mario Schuckert, sales manager at REIFF Technische Produkte, about the idea of developing ano-ther mobile application. The Rubber Nav app is child’s play to operate: Correct resistance categories and physical properties are selected quickly. The right material is selected right away, and comes with a comprehensive  description. The app has other features as well. A link brings you directly to the Online Shop of REIFF Technische Produkte and allows you to place orders on the run. The app is available by download at the iTunes and Android store. 

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