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Offshore Energy is the annual trade event for the oil and gas industry in and around the North Sea. This 3 day trade show in capital Amsterdam welcomes 8,000 visitors from 45 nationalities. Over 400 exhibitors display on 12,000 square meters of trade floor. Imbema Cleton, part of Imbema Groep, is an annual exhibitor with a wide range of solutions and products for Oil & Gas Industry. This year’s focus is Imbema Cleton’s range of self floating hoses from IVG Colbachini and Bassi Offshore, part of the IVG Group. The background of our stand displays an image of an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading ship) with the wide range of offshore affiliated products from Imbema Groep. Main attraction was the cut through sample of the Commander1152 B floating hose from Bassi Offshore. This giant self floating hose is deployed between oil rig or FPSO and oil tanker for offloading crude oil. Through its 16 inch inner diameter the Commander can transport up

to 2.6 cubic meters of crude oil per second, equaling the volume of one Olympic swimming pool in 24 minutes. The hose is constructed in three different segments, a steel wire reinforced primary carcass with smooth nitrile inner lining, a steel wire reinforced secondary carcass with oil retention channel and a bright orange UV, oil, seawater and wear resistant polyurethane outer cover. In between closed cell foam that provides floating capacity. In case of a failure of the primare carcass, a visual indication on both ends of the hose will give additional confirmation of the failure. Multiple hoses of 40 feet length can be interconnected through steel flanges. The Commander 1152 B is rated at 225 psi (15 bar), with a maximum flow velocity of 21 m/s and is tested according OCIMF 1991 4th edition. Its ambient temperature range

of -29°C to +52°C allows it to be deployed in areas with extremely cold and hot climates. Imbema Cleton will attend the 2013 edition of the Offshore Energy trade show again, as well as the annual Construction and Shipping trade show, Benelux’ main event for inland shipping from May 28th to 30th.

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