One ERP System For Multicultural, Multilanguage, Multicompany Structure of TI

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Tubes International has grown from a small company to a key market player over the last two decades. To hold the position of market leader, we need a tool to help us face ever-growing ­challenges. Lately we have realised that as an organisation we are ­mature enough to implement a new ERP system. The system we are ­currently using is pretty basic and we want the new one to be more complex, to allow interaction of all units across ­organisation – of sales, stocks, marketing, accounts, production in a single database.
After comparison of several ERP systems and thorough analysis­ of our needs and expectations, we came to decision what software for enterprise resource planning suits our company the most. The project kick-off sessions for ERP implementation were held over last few months. Having in mind that the new software aims to integrate all the departments and functions we decided that implementation process must be a team effort and there must be participants from all departments. What is more, the software must work not only for Tubes’ employees in Poland but also for employees in all branches abroad so they were also invited to participate in the implementation process.

Now we all work to customise the system, to make the most of it so as to streamline the workload, to handle the tasks related to each and every business activity. The system aims for business improvement. It gives detailed insight into each order, customer’s choices but also materials purchased or salaries. As for senior management, it is an excellent reporting system which provides statistics across all departments, gives overall insight into business processes and as a result allows to identify potential areas of problem.  

Due to the very nature of our business we want to use the new system for stock management. We want the software to give us control over batches of products and hose lengths in real-time across all branches and warehouses. Access to this database will enable our sales force to process orders more quickly and efficiently.

The implementation process finishes at the beginning of 2017, that’s when we start our new ERP system.

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