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Tubes International is a well-known supplier for the rail business. We have brought numerous solutions to this industry, from simple components to complete hose assemblies fitted on a train. Our customers know that they can benefit from our superior understanding of the rail industry and turn to us whenever they have to deal with an innovative project. 

This time, our customer – a train manufacturer was interested in cooperation with Tubes International to get hose assemblies to suit the design specification. We were provided with the documentation of project and samples as in the photos below. We started making arrangements. After numerous meetings and tough negotiations with the customer, we reached an agreement. The combination of products and services we provide perfectly suited the requirements of the customer. In order to follow the agreement, we decided to implement a five stage production process:

  1. Manufacturing fittings
  2. Welding
  3. Special zinc plating
  4. Preparing and cutting the hose
  5.  Crimping and of course testing – very important part.

Specially for the customer we started a new service – assembling on the train. It was very interesting and challenging experience for us.
The project was pretty complex due to both logistics and technology. We produced fittings in our Production Plant and welding was done at a workshop facility in Poznań. Special zinc plating was outsources to an external company. The hose we used was compliant with a special railway standard EN 45545-2:2013. The production process was followed by testing which was carried out again at our workshop in Poznań after an external audit made by the customer. Then, thoroughly tested and approved, the hose assemblies were fitted on the train at the customer site. Each department of the company was involved in the production process. In spite of the apparent complexity of this project, it ended with a total success. It showed us how important is a comprehensive approach to the customer needs and that with our experience and know-how we can manage various rail projects, even the most extensive.

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