President’s letter 2021

staffan johansson lundgrens European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Dear Friends, 

It is time to summarize a year that has been so full of ­surprises that no one ever could have predicted. Early in the year we ­started to read and see news from China regarding a new virus called Covid 19. It started to rapidly spread in March and most of us ­misjudged the impact it would have, leading to lock down of ­societies, ­businesses and even countries. Many of us have been working from home and have also been forced to take tough ­decisions to stay profitable. In the end this is the only way to ­protect our jobs and guide our future. There have also been great opportunities to expand for those companies that have had liquidity and ­courage. From a business point of view the year has been like go-cart ­driving, full speed, and full break at the same time.

Even when extraordinary times occur it is important to reflect what we have learned and how this could help us moving forward. It has also been clear that weak business models have struggled and strong have prevailed. What is then a weak business model? Within our group we normally define it by three measurements; customer dependency, supplier dependency and customers connected to the automotive industry. In good times it is easy to start projects with the wrong customers or suppliers, but wrong or one-sided activities have been merciless exposed, at least ­within our companies.

Within EDiS we have different business models and from what I have heard most of us have even in these tricky times been able to develop and some even to expand their business. To understand why some of us are more successful than others will be key for all of us to continue to grow profitable. I am personally looking forward to meeting you all to discuss and learn.

Wish you all a healthy 2021,

Staffan Johansson,
President of EDiS and CEO of Beijer Tech

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