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Presidentsletter 2022 - Staffan Johansson Lundgrens

Dear Friends,

Do we make a difference? 

After the vaccine roll out the year started positive, both private and business wise. Vacation trips, parties, face to face meetings, new hirings and strong demand for our products made life easy. The positive mode was brutally changed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I personally believed that war was ¨unmodern¨ and part of the European history, I was naive and many others with me. The war led to inflation and positive result effects for our trading companies. The demand surged due to broken production chains. The lack of products made it easy to increase prices to customers and make more money. But shall we allow all customers do buy? We all receive lucrative requests directly or indirectly from red listed companies, red listed due to connections to Russia. Many of these companies have been customers to us for years. And to say no to existing and new customers cost money. Most of the European companies have taken a tough stand towards Russia and I know that the EDiS companies are as well. One example is that Lundgrens owners has decided to close all operations in Russia and stopped all deliveries to red listed companies. If we all make the same decision and prioritize morale above money, we will be able to stop the war and make a difference.

All the best,
Staffan Johansson

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