The President’s New Year Message

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies Karol Semba, president of EDiS

Happy New Year to all EDiS members!  

As we start 2014, I wish to extend New Year’s greetings to all EDiS members. On the business front, in 2013 we observed many changes and faced numerous challenges. The field of our operation is still unsettled and uncertain. I believe that each EDiS member is able to absorb the knowledge and experience of our organization then change it into positive business power and pass it to each of us. EDiS organization as well must not respond passively but rather must always take the initiative and move ahead. The goal of EDiS is achieving ongoing development under conditions of any sort, regardless of changes in the environment of business risk.

Taking an opportunity I would like to present 2013 Year EDiS highlights:

Improve internal attractiveness of EDiS and secure future of EDiS organization:
We re-established Plastic Expert Group after some years. The launching meeting took place at Reiff company and we hope that activity of the group will continue in next years.  We started the project of Young Executive Group. The goal of the group is to consider EDiS matters from a medium-to-long-term perspective by involving young people from our organizations.

Improve communication and cooperation between members:
We finalized to implement Intranet tool in EDiS organization. With this step we created communication tool for our organization. Today we can say that this tool is an Information Service Center for each EDiS member. As we are at a very early stage of using this tool we hope to reach even more EDiS goals. We should also mention our actions to improve webpage attractiveness. I think this activity is very important for EDiS organization recognition on the market in the future.

Introduce first join purchasing impulse in history of EDiS:
We are big fans of Hose Expert Group to finalize the first join purchasing project! We wish the group to finalize it in 2014 year – good luck. Once they will finalize it they will create the pattern for future EDiS join purchasing activity.

What we should do as EDiS organization in 2014.
We should continue our efforts and involvement in developing EDiS organization! What is most important is for each one of us to grow as individuals. Our growth as individuals leads to the growth of our organizations, and the growth of our organizations leads to the growth of our company.
To conclude my New Year’s greeting for 2014, I extend my best wishes to you, hoping this will be a year of good health and successful activities for all of you and for your families.

Karol Semba
EDiS president

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