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GASSO EQUIPMENTS has developed and installed an advanced system of logistic tracking for the production’s chain for the car industry based on the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tags).

The system is implemented successfully in Volkswagen’s factory in Pamplona (Spain) . The big advantage of the system is to get an accurate trace-ability.

Radio Frequency Identification Operation Mode

The general mode of operation is, through photocells or inductive sensors, the presence of a car is detected and while the movement of cars from one table to another is made, the bar code reader and the Radio Frequency Identification antenna will read. Because there is no communication element between both readers, both will read and the one who has read the car will send the reading to the “Gateway” system. Attached is a short description of the read structure of the Sick RFID readers approved for this Project.

The Objective of the Radio Frequency Identification Project

The objective of this project is to achieve greater trace-ability in the production process of the automobile by identifying each the execution of each elaboration in an automated way for which the RFID technology has been taken into account avoiding possible errors in the bar code readings by the deterioration that occurs on the labels that are assigned to the car bodies of cars once a code is assigned from the GP (production manager).

This process allows to interact with the data once it completes its productive process updating the data that is executed on the transponder that is integrated in the product.

By transferring this system to our hoses, Gasso is committed to this technology by identifying all the connectivity of the hoses with radio frequency RFID devices. For this, it incorporates in the BARFFDI001 series the possibility of including the necessary elements for the execution of these systems, adapting in an integrated manner the Integration of this process through the necessary technology, offering the client the possibility of such integration by executing “turn keys”.

Radio Frequency Identification Installation is Carried out in ATEX II 2 G Zone.

  • The system of RFID detectors must be such that the operation is ensured that a maximum distance of 10 mm will never lose detection.
  • The detectors and labels avoid the wrong connection according to the images provided.
  • The system is connected to a control system that the client has established in its process being managed by means of Bus systems adapted in the management system.

Finally integrates its process by means of a Scada in the integration of the system.

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