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Knowing customers as well as possible and cultivating their relationships is becoming increasingly crucial to driving customer satisfaction. Today, instead of standardized processes, customers want personalized experiences. 

REIFF Technische Produkte decided to introduce a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) system to respond to these developments. As a result, the company is geared towards its customers and can design customized CRM processes to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

Having analyzed and evaluated various CRM system providers, the Project Team ultimately opted for Salesforce. From now on, all departments, from Sales to Marketing to Customer Service, collaborate on one common platform. Salesforce gives everyone access to the same information about customers and prospects, allowing them to work together to create the perfect customer experience.

Due to this comprehensive and uniform view of the target group and the improvement of entire sales processes, customer orientation is strengthened, resulting in many advantages:

  •  Swift response to incoming inquiries
  •  Quick and more personalized support
  •  Targeted communication

With the first steps in place, REIFF plans to implement Salesforce company-wide. Preparation for the complete roll-out is being carried out by a project team formed of members from different company divisions. The project’s success depends on employees receiving training in Salesforce, so the system becomes the best possible tool for accurate and consistent maintenance of customer

“The 360-degree view of customers helps us to understand their individual needs better, so we can all work together even better to find the optimal solution for them,” said Alec Reiff, managing partner of the REIFF Group.

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