REIFF delivers abrasion-proof hose lines to casting house

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One of REIFF Technical Products’ customers is a casting house that manufactures its products via sand casting. The casting house needs highly abrasion-proof hose lines in order to prepare and carry the sand as regenerated sand is led to the mixers by hoses. The hoses which were used before did not last more than 4–6 months and needed to be replaced regularly. Each replacement of the 30 m hoses lasts 7 hours, each replacement recommends 10 workers and 2 lifting platforms.

REIFF helped to massively reduce the holding times by recommending and selling a special hose line, consisting of hose, gasket and flange, that perfectly fits the customers needs: Conti®Ultimate. This hose line has a very high quality in combination with a comparatively low price and massively reduces the amount of expensive replacements.

Details on the products used (not for sale individually, nominal diameters from 51 to 610 mm available):


Highly flexible and lightweight
Typical Application & Features
  • Heavy duty abrasion-resistant suction and discharge hose for the transfer of sand, gravel and slurries
  • Safety factor of 3.2 times working pressure to burst
  • Suitable for both suction and discharge operations
  • Working temperature from -40°C to 80°C
  • Smooth medium flow
  • Reusable couplings
  • No contact between transferred medium

NEW Conti Orange Wear Indicator:

  • Allows the wear of the liner to be continuously monitored
  • Helps to prevent unexpected production breakdowns
  • Placed just beneath textile reinforcement


  • Liner material made of highly abrasion resistant NR compound with Conti Orange liner wear indicator
  • High tensile textile reinforcement, embedded steel helix
  • IR/BR cover resistant to abrasion, ozone and UV
  • Very flexible, small bending radius
  • Various production lengths available upon request


  • Conical shape ensures ease of installation
  • Reliable sealing protecting hose reinforcement from impact of the medium
  • Improves connection between hose body and flange
  • Rubber sealing with steel reinforcement


  • Suitable for both EN 1092-1 / ANSI 16.5B standards
  • Made of high strength aluminium alloy
  • Non-corrosive, good seawater resistance
  • Robust design to withstand heavy duty operations

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