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REIFF Technical Products has expanded its range of services in metal and plastics processing: The Technical merchant has acquired Delta.tec GmbH last year which is also based in Reutlingen, and can therefore offer its customers an even more comprehensive service. Along with precise manufacturing according to drawings, the subsidiary also offers the assembly of complete component assemblies.

Drilling, milling, turning, welding and hardening – the specialists use the most modern technologies at their workbenches and their precise, craftsmanship to meet individual customer requirements. Everything from the smallest, filigree metal components to bulky workpieces can be produced. The manufacture of individual components, pilots and models is possible as is small series runs or larger quantities. All work is performed at a high technical level, in strict compliance with all dimensions and quality specifications.

A special area is found in the machining of use-hardened guide rails and precision steel shafts.

Linear centre

In the Linear centre, the Reutling-based firm has many possibilities to precisely machine use-hardened metal parts. Profile rails are separated with millimetre precision, complete guide systems are made up according to the customer’s requirements. Bearings are grooved and bearing sets paired. Turning and milling metals and plastics complete the program. Services concerning roller bearings to optimise systems and machines round off the product range.

Linear guides and rolled ball-screw drives

Linear guides and rolled ball-screw drives, the alternatives for linear drive technology, have today become indispensable components in mechanical and electronic systems in a number of industrial branches. Whether you decide for high-tech or low-budget products, our specialists know the best products to meet your needs and are normally able to supply them from stock. Special, industry-specific solutions – such as for the woodworking industry, for example – can be realised.

Advantages: smooth running, low friction losses, use in a variety of installation positions. Manufactured to DIN standard, constant expansion of the product range, standard accuracy for T7 rolled screw shafts (other tolerances on request), flange nuts on mounting sleeves, termination threaded nuts on mounting sleeves.

Manufacture and assembly of complex component assemblies

True to the motto “There is always a solution”, REIFF Technical Products’ and its subsidiary, Delta.tec’s professionals are able to master the most complex tasks such as the production of component assembly series including electronics using their technical knowledge, craftsmanship and, above all, their inventiveness. Doing this they draw on a wealth of experience. If desired, different individual parts made of steel, plastic, aluminium and brass and also electronic components can be procured, manufactured into complete component assemblies, carefully packed depending on their shape and delivered on time. 






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