REIFF Technische Produkte offers a diverse range of tubes

Tubes of many different types are an integral part of the REIFF Technische Produkte range. Particular emphasis is placed on tube processing. Depending on the requirement, tubes are painted, brushed, passivated or galvanised. To satisfy the rigorous demands of numerous sectors such as heating system manufacturers, engineering companies or automotive suppliers, REIFF collaborates with Toptube, among other companies.

“High quality and efficient tube processing is in greater demand than ever before”, say the hoses and fittings product specialists. “Our partner, Toptube, is a highly flexible company and together we are capable of offering our customers virtually any conceivable tube solution.” Toptube’s product range is enormously varied: tube finishing, tube reshaping – the manufacturing of complex tube systems is a speciality. There is scarcely a requirement for which no solution can be found. Whether steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium – from round tubes and flat tubes to square and rectangular tubes and profiles. REIFF offers the full range of processing techniques for diameters from 4 to 76 mm. In addition to different processing techniques such as welding and soldering, the technical supplier also offers high pressure shaped connectors. Customers include the medical technology sector, house building and air conditioning manufacturing, furniture making and renewable energies, to name but a few. You will find more information about our services and product range at

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