REIFF TP opens first location in China

Foundation of REIFF Technical Products China: Alfred Zimmerer, Dr. Immanuel Kohn, Yi Han, Hubert Reiff
The REIFF Technical Products in Shanghai, opened in the beginning of November is the first Reiff Group branch in Asia, which is managed as an independent business.Six members of staff, based in Shanghai are looking after their customers in China while further developing purchasing sources in Asia. The technical retailer looks predominantly after the capital goods industry, especially after mechanical engineering. The focus concentrates on rubber and plastics engineering. The product line includes among other things working parts, ball bearings, hoses, tubes and adhesives. The technical retailer has already had working relationships with businesses in China for many years. Reiff support their customers that are already operating in China by deciding to establish a subsidiary there. “The main objective for the first year is to support our German customers with production sites in China and to extend our purchasing sources” said Hubert Reiff, CEO of REIFF Technical Products. Shanghai was selected because 3500 of approx. 7000 German companies are located in and around Shanghai. Both the German as well as the Chinese market are served from Shanghai: The team of six optimises the procurement of products from Asia. The resulting advantages of this are directly passed onto the customers in Germany. 

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